Monday, June 24, 2013

Church Family Night

The boys and I attended our church's Family Night at the Ag Center in Perry last night.  There were hotdogs for dinner, and lots of inflatables and games for the kids.  The boys were in heaven, and I was in heaven dreaming about how wonderfully easy bedtime was going to be.  It was a win-win!

We started with hotdogs.  By the way, we used to never eat hotdogs because Clayton went through a phase when he was little where he'd throw up after EVERY SINGLE hotdog he'd eat.  That made birthday parties tons of fun.  We tried them again a year or so ago, and he can handle them now.  Strange.  Just add it to his list.

These two were also all about the hotdogs.


Eli.  He dressed himself after church, and when we got to the Ag Center, I was really happy he'd worn that fluorescent yellow shirt.  It made keeping track of him much easier.

So much fun.

Eli played so hard.  The sweat was dripping from his head all night.  He is a man-child that way.

Sweet Aaron.

Always moving.

Clayton spotted this bouncy trampoline thing the minute we arrived.  The line was so long, but he was determined to wait it out.  I felt so bad for him as he waited nearly an hour to get on this thing.  Other kids had their parents wait in line for them, but I had the little boys to tend to, so Clayton had to wait for himself.  In the end, he loved it, and I was really proud of his determination to wait it out.

Here we go.  I took a million pictures of him because it was such a big deal to him.  I know the other parents thought I was a crazy papparazi mom.

Apparently, it was worth the wait.  He's not very heavy and had a bit of a hard time getting going, but luckily another mom was able to give him a couple of good pulls while I snapped pictures.

They raised him up pretty high.  He was laughing so hard.

By the end of Clayton's ride, it was nearly 8pm, and Aaron was laying on the floor next to me, sucking his thumb.  Eli was nearing a meltdown, so it was time to call it.  They were setting off fireworks at 9pm, but I knew we'd never last, so I bribed the kids with a McDonald's ice cream cone on the way home, and they were happy to leave early.