Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of Love

I've been a little neglectful in taking pictures lately. I stay pretty busy just keeping people alive around here, but a few days ago I was able to grab my camera just in time to catch these boys having some fun on the couch. The big boys are so sweet to their little brother, and, when they're not tackling or suffocating him, he's often in awe of them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Boys

Why are baby toys so appealing to big boys and so unappealing to babies?

Bike Rider

It's official!  We have a bike rider.  We've worked and worked on teaching Clayton to pedal, and he's finally got it.  It seems like gross motor skills that involve both sides of the body present a challenge for Clayton, and bike riding has been no exception, but now this boy can finally ride.  

Last week we graduated from the driveway and moved onto riding to the park.  Clayton did great, and I'm so proud.
Loading up to head to the park.  It takes some work to get these guys to park by myself, but now that Clayton is riding, it makes things a little easier.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I know, three posts in one night.  Get a life.  Anyway, I just wanted to share this.
Really?  That's how you choose to sleep?


Well, I'll begin by saying that I have some real issues with Halloween and trick-or-treating.  It's a little bit about the whole "Is this an activity in which Christians should participate" question, but it's actually more about the scary factor to me.  I don't like scary things.  Period.  I don't watch scary movies, and I really do not enjoy seeing people dressed up in scary costumes.  I am especially not a fan of some of the disgustingly gory costumes I've seen in the last several years.

All that said, I decided to let the big boys go trick-or-treating this year.  Their cousin and friends were going, and Clayton kept coming home from preschool saying he was going to dress up for Halloween.  I decided they could go early before all the big kids came out, and they could go to the houses on my parents' street.

I will say, they had a great time.  They loved dressing up.  Clayton completely mastered trick-or-treating, and Eli mastered holding up his bucket for people to deposit candy.  They both ended up with half a bucket of candy, which was plenty, and they were home around sunset.  Clayton was a puppy dog, and Eli was Elmo.  We don't watch very much Elmo around here, but for some reason everytime you ask Eli what his name is, he says, "Elmo," and gets this sly little grin on his face.  So when I saw the Elmo costume, he had to have it.

Getting ready to go.  They weren't too sure about what we were doing.

After trick-or-treating with Lizzy.  Note Eli eating a tootsie pop with the wrapper on.

Cute Little Aggie Boy

A&M hosted Texas Tech at Kyle Field this past weekend.  Crazy things happen when our Ags play Tech, but amazingly, it was a blow out in our favor. 

My mom and I took the boys down to the campus for some pre-game festivities, which was sadly, pretty much a bust.  I arrived three hours prior to kick-off, only to find my dad's reserved parking space taken.  I was forced to hunt for a spot elsewhere and hike it over to Kyle Field, which resulted in us missing most of the kids' gameday activities.  Oh well.  The boys were still able to get their faces painted, enjoy a little Chick-fil-A, and watch the Corps march from the quad to the field.  We had a good time, but if we go back next week for the Oklahoma game, we'll have to plan on arriving even earlier in order to squeeze in some more fun.