Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Cool Front Means a Day at the Zoo

We had a cool front move through here this morning.  Hallelujah!  The high today was 80 degrees, and that was early this morning.  We immediately packed our bags for the zoo.  It was overcast, breezy, and in the 70s, which is the perfect weather for a day at the zoo.  It was so refreshing to finally go somewhere outside.

Nan pushing the boys on the swings

Clayton in the spider

Clayton getting brave in the lorikeet exhibit.  I'm not sure what he would have done if one of these birds had actually perched on his finger.

Clayton and Mommy

Eli checking out the lorikeets.  The worker in the exhibit told us the birds are attracted to strollers.  Although they don't allow any food in the exhibit, the birds have learned that strollers often have crumbs, so they had to check us out.  I was surprised Eli stayed so calm.  He's not really an animal person.

Nan and Eli on the slide.  Isn't she a great Nan?

Nan in the petting zoo.  Once again, isn't she a great Nan?  I'm not really a petting zoo kind of person, so I decided Aaron probably shouldn't go in, which meant Nan got to take the big boys.

My first picture with the three boys (alternately titled: Aaron really did in fact come to the zoo with us).  It occurred to me that I hadn't gotten a picture with me and all the boys yet.  It then occurred to me that we don't have a family picture with the five of us yet either, so I'll have to work on that one.

Camera Mystery

Our camera is gone, vanished into thin air.  We have no idea when it disappeared, but it did sometime in the last week or so along with the memory card with all the recent pictures of the boys.  Luckily, I downloaded pictures on August 8th, so we're really only out about two weeks worth of pictures, but when you have a newborn they grow so quickly, and I really want to be able to take pictures.  It's not an expensive camera, but it's still important to me, and it's frustrating that it seems to be gone.  We haven't gone too many places, so I really think it disappeared somewhere in the house, but I've looked absolutely everywhere.  The worst case scenario constantly playing in the back of my head is the possibility that Eli got a hold of it and threw it away.  He has been known to throw things away in the past, and for some disgusting reason, this boy cannot stay out of our trashcan.  I'm not sure how long to keep looking for it before I give up and buy a new one. 

Today I broke down and dug out the old camera.  I need to take a few pictures before Aaron is no longer a newborn.  Here's what's sitting on the couch next to me right now...

I love this little boy so much!  He is too sweet!  Aaron is doing pretty well these days.  This boy is hungry hungry.  He takes after Eli.  He eats pretty much every two hours throughout the day.  Sometimes he eats every hour and a half in the evenings.  Nights are going a little better.  We've had several nights that Aaron has eaten and then gone to bed around midnight, eaten around 3 or 4, and then slept until 7 or 8.  It's tiring, but as long as he actually goes back to sleep in the middle of the night, I can usually be a somewhat functioning person through the day.

Eli is Aaron's current biggest fan.  Clayton loves him too, but in the last couple days Eli has become extremely affectionate toward Aaron.  He's getting better and better at being "gentle".  He loves to be cheek-to-cheek with Aaron, and he is constantly giving kisses.  He also likes to make sure Aaron has a blanket.  He really has to be monitored with that though because he doesn't understand that blankets shouldn't go over faces.  Unfortunately not all of Eli's love is appreciated by Aaron, but it doesn't seem to affect Eli.

I would love to write more, but someone is suddenly starving, so I have to wrap it up.  If you know where my camera is, let me know.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up

Note: I actually wrote this over a week ago, but I've been having technical difficulties with the laptop lately, so it was never published.  I wish I had time to revise this to be a little more current, but I don't.  Just pretend you're reading this last week.  I also don't have time to upload anymore pictures, which is probably a good thing because I haven't had time to take very many lately.  Poor Aaron, like many other later siblings, is destined to have very few baby pictures. 

I can't remember how many blog posts I've started and haven't finished in the last two weeks.  That's pretty much how things are going around here.  I get all kinds of things started and very few things completed... the laundry, dishes, making beds, etc.  I wonder if this post will ever get published.

Besides all that, things here are going fine with the new little man.  Aaron's a pretty content baby during the day but definitely has his sleeping challenges at night.  He's still sleeping too well during the day and is ready to be entertained all night.  He prefers to really snooze between the hours of about 3am and 12pm.  Unfortunately, Ryan and I prefer a slightly earlier bedtime, so it's definitely been a challenge.  Some nights are better than others. 

The big boys are loving their new little brother.  I find all sorts of matchbox cars in Aaron's bed and bouncy chair.  Clayton loves to share his cars with Aaron.  If only he'd share just one car with Eli!  We have about a million to spare.  Eli too loves Aaron.  Everytime he sees Aaron, he runs over, says "baby", and pats his head (somewhat gently for a 20 month old).  Eli still requires a lot of care and attention, so I've been doing the best I can to make sure he doesn't feel left in the dust.  Clayton is a little more independent and is usually excited to help with Aaron, so I think that makes him feel included.

We had Aaron's two week check up Thursday.  Aaron ended up losing right at 10% of his birth weight while in the hospital, so we had taken him for a few weight checks the week before.  He was born at 8lbs, 3oz, and at two weeks, he was back up to 8lbs even.  The doctor was pleased, and we weren't surprised.  This boy loves to eat.

We had Clayton's 4 year old well child check this morning.  Don't judge me.  I'm perfectly aware his birthday was in April, but seriously, this kid had about a million doctor's appointments this spring, and I just couldn't fit in one more, especially with Ryan being gone so much, and me being pregnant and hot.  Anyway, he weighed 28.6 pounds and was 36.5 inches.  That's the 0 point something for both on the growth chart.  Same old, same old.  Other than his usual growth issues, he was pronounced "well".

Here are a few pictures.  I promise more soon.

 Aaron with his great grandmother

 Aaron, Clayton, and Eli with their great grandfather

 Eli loves his playhouse.

Clayton and Aaron
(Clayton's black eye has finally healed up now)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Aaron, Day 2

The "big" boys came to the hospital to meet their newest brother.

Clayton and Aaron

Sweet Baby

Practicing gentle patting

Kisses for Baby

The biggest brother

Pictures from the Big Day