Thursday, October 24, 2013

Plains Peanut Festival

The annual Plains Peanut Festival was back in September.  The boys and I were looking for something fun to do during our weekend, so we drove over to join in some peanut fun.

Hello Mr. Peanut!  Aaron was in a bit of a mood and DID NOT want to have his picture taken with Mr. Peanut.

We took the SAM Shortline Railroad out to Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm.

We didn't have much time at the farm, but we saw a few of the outdoor sights.

Sometimes I just wonder how I ended up with all these boys.

I needed a train picture.  They just wanted to get back on the train to check out all the Thomas merchandise in the dining car.

Once we were back in Plains, there were lots of inflatables.

I carry Band-Aids in my purse.  Blood is a common occurrence when we're out in public.

After an afternoon of trains, inflatables, and booth browsing, we needed some gelato.  Aaron had strawberry, and the other boys and I had orange-vanilla.  Yum.  It made the trip totally worth it.

The boys and I were able to get out and about to several little places around Georgia this summer.  We had so much fun exploring our new state and making a few memories while Ryan was gone.  They are really great travelers, and I'm so glad they like to go to new places and see new things.  It's nice to have their company.

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