Thursday, October 24, 2013

Snack Time

Mom: Eli, what are you doing?
Eli: Waiting for 4:00.

Four o'clock is the only time Eli can tell on a clock face.  That's because 4:00 is afternoon snack time around here.  Not 3:00, not 3:30, not 3:55.  If I didn't have a set snack time, these kids would ask to eat something ALL DAY LONG.  They are never full and are determined to break our bank in the grocery department.  Lucky for me, Eli finally learned to recognize 4:00 on our living room clock.  Now he doesn't have to ask if it's 4:00 a million times every afternoon.  The only downside is that now he knows when it's 4:00, and then, no matter what I'm doing, it MUST be snack time.  Love this crazy kid!


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